What I can do

I am offering a large range of clothing alteration services. Whether it is altering new clothing or repairing well loved garments, I will meet all your expectations. From small repairs and to major adjustments, I put my years of experience and skill into every job I do.




- Slacks, Skirts, Pants and Suit Jackets 

- Bridesmaids, Evening Gown and Graduation Dresses

- Elastic replacement

- Drapery

- Re-lining

- Hemming

- Buttons

- Canvas




My goal is to help you complete your creative works/projects, or gifts sewn from the heart in short order and at affordable prices.


Along with machine quilting, I also restore quilts that are attic finds or quilts that have many memories attached to them and are well worn.




Embroidery remains one of the top methods of logo apparel decoration for a number of reasons.


It can be used to embellish baseball caps, golf towels, polo shirts, backpacks, etc.  The results of the embroidered logo are consistent from piece to piece and the item produced is a high quality item.